Local Delivery and Pick-Up Available!

Selling on Radical Homemaker

  1. Are your items handmade in Ontario?
  2. Want a place to showcase and sell your Items?
  3. Do not have enough to start an online Store?
  4. Willing to sell your items for a commission?
  5. Are able to mail item or do local delivery?
  6. Want to be part of a growing group of artisans?

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  1.  If your items are Handmade in Ontario, Contact Us, We would love to have a chance to review your items for possible inclusion to our collections.
  2. We will build a collection of your items, no limit, with links to your website and social media accounts to help promote your brand.
  3. Don't worry about not having a lot of stock, we will only sell what you have. If you wish to have Custom orders. Review that policy page.
  4. To Sell your items on Radical Homemaker, you will be agreeing to giving 30% Commission of the sale of the item to Radical Homemaker. These funds will be pooled into a marketing fund which helps pay for the site *, operating apps and advertising fees** (Facebook, Instagram, Google). ***Shopify charges $0.30 a transaction and an approx 2.5% on credit card purchases.
  5. If your item sells, you will receive an email from Radical Homemaker. When the item is packed and weighed, and that information forwarded to Radical Homemaker. A packing slip^ will be emailed to put on parcel and it will be your responsibility to bring to Canada Post. We will provide full instructions at that time.
  6. Radical Homemaker is a Group of Artisans offering many items, together a wide range of products Proudly made in Ontario, Canada! We wanted a place for others to come and be equally represented.

    * site fees cover the Shopify Plan - Basic (Upgradeable), Domain Registration/Renewal, Site hosting.

    ** advertising fees for apps to run ^Canada Post discount and packing slips, marketing campaigns within most social media sites.

    ***for every transaction to be processed through Shopify costs $0.30 and a % depending on the payment used.


    <--At this time Radical Homemaker has not set up shops on Facebook or Amazon, as they need to approve items for sale, limit the amount shown and take further commission on sales.

    We will review this at a later date. At which time we will give every vendor an opportunity to opt out if they wish to not sell on those platforms.-->