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Already a Busy 2020

Radical Homemaker has been busy this year. Since it has been snowing up here in Canada, there have been a few days of crafting, while relaxing in front of the fireplace. There are some new products that were requested last year, like teapot covers; round scrubbies and; even metal-less belts

The Last Duel Soap

Ultra Riche Products unveiled the Perth Brewery & Radical Homemaker beer soap with half-half cloths gift sets this past weekend, Nov 30, 2019, at the Calabogie Ski Resort Christmas Market. The gift sets were an immediate hit! The smell is a subtle, clean shaven manly scent. While the skin benefits

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Ultra Riche Products has developed a new soap using de-alcoholized & de-scented Last Duel Lager from Perth Brewery. This soap is being combined with specialty half half cloths made by the Radical Homemakers.

Look for these limited specialty combinations at Perth Brewery and events attended by Ultra Riche Products.

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